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    I actively choose to work with clients who are just starting out.

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    Using the power of artwork to create a unique brand and marketing for you.

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I am a Creative

Why not let me create a beautiful brand for your business?

My driving passion is to take your fledgling business dreams from a foggy conception to a well-designed reality, continuing to work with your brand as it grows and matures
– all the better for building a cohesive, unique brand and experience where everything just…flows. –
What I do...

What I do...

I make art...and turn it into branding and marketing material.

I make ceramics...and sell them.

I make your space...exciting.

Who I am...

Who I am...

Graphic Designer | Interior Designer | Tiny House Designer | Artist and Muralist | Mother | Wife | Maker and fledgling builder of things.




Helen Armstrong

Early Childhood Consultant / Helen Armstrong

Sarah Bing has been my design guru for ALL things in relation to my newly fledged business. I was completely new to this whole scene and Sarah has quite literally held my hand through the whole process. Her work is absolute stellar quality. From original logo concepts, to a fully operation website, Sarah has done it all and I could not be more pleased. There is nothing more satisfying than handing prospective clients my business card to have them tell me they “thought I was giving them a little piece of art” which is a true example of Sarah’s standard. I will never hesitate to recommend Sarah for anything to do with art, design, branding or anything creative! She is amazing!

Scott McLean

Owner and Manager / Chuffed Cafe

Bing Design have looked after Chuffed’s design needs from the start of the cafe. Sarah has been an integral part of our success and has been able to create all manner of things for us from the personally designed menus, logo and website through to the interior design of the cafe with her bespoke concrete tiles. Sarah is always a pleasure to work with and it seems her creativity has no limits. We use Sarah on a weekly basis to design and update our weekly specials, she is always prompt with having the work completed which is integral for a busy cafe. I have yet to find a task that Sarah has turned down and not excelled in. All in all I can’t speak too highly of Sarah and the work she creates.

Sure, We Can Work Together!

Getting Started

Feel free to email or call me to tell me about your project. The more information you can give me, the better. Ill get back to you with specific questions and some ideas, and how much it all might cost, and we can go from there!

I generally like to mull over things for a little while, and feel my best creative work comes from a process of coming up with wild ideas, researching their real-life-applicability and moving from there. Having said that, I generally do my mural work off the fly, with just an idea of colours in my head.

Whether you’re near or far, I’d love to hear about your project, and see if we can work together!