Reinvigorating our home bathroom was FUN! There was nothing wrong with it per-se, the fittings were all new, it was just missing that thrill of joy when one walked in the door. And while I long for Bali holidays and hotel glamour, clean cleanliness, and a touch of luxury in the everyday, our budget was…zero dollars and zero cents! So, while I did significantly overspend on this one, I reckon we still came out OK. Heavily inspired by the queen of Hollywood Regency Dorothy Drapers Brazilliance Wallpaper, the walls are handpainted using Resene testpots.

Now, when I walk into the bathroom, that thrill of joy is definitely there. And yes, the white tile floor is a bit of a nightmare and ideally needs a daily vacuum, but I keep telling myself the dirt is there whether you can see it or not, so better to get-that-gone than cruise around in it!



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