Jaguar Living

The colour for the lounge/living for our sweet Raglan pad could have gone either way, all those greys in that end wall mural? Testpots for colours I considered, although really only to humour the other main player in the house – from the get go I knew Resenes rich deep Jaguar blue was the only real […]


Reinvigorating our home bathroom was FUN! There was nothing wrong with it per-se, the fittings were all new, it was just missing that thrill of joy when one walked in the door. And while I long for Bali holidays and hotel glamour, clean cleanliness, and a touch of luxury in the everyday, our budget was…zero dollars and zero […]

The Obsidian Spyglass

This one was my first tiny house design – made for a creative type – the black ‘box’ running along the side would have a foldout table top, and storage for arting and crafting bits the length of the window.Second queen bed can be made up from the squabs on the lounge ‘deck’ and I’ve […]

The BIG Tiny

I had so much fun designing this tiny house with the wonderful client. At 3m wide x 7.6m long, she’s certainly getting to the larger end of tiny, but I’m super proud of this design! Designed to sit facing north, the Big Tiny features: living room window seat, full kitchen with oven and 4 burner […]

artHAUS Orakei

Painted over 3 days, this riot of colour introduced artHAUS to the neighbourhood with a bang! Materials used: Molotow Spray Paints & a Scissor Lift.

artHAUS Orakei is live!

As the founding member of artHAUS Orakei – a studio and gallery space based at Orakei Bay Village, it was no surprise that id be doing the website for the space! All the same, it feels VERY good to have it up and running. Check it out here

Welcome to Orakei Bay Village

Spent a couple of days painting this 4m x 4m sign welcoming people coming off the train into the new complex at Orakei Bay Village last week. Worked out really well, and discovered the joy and delight which is Molotov Gold spraypaint. #nevergoingback! Unfortunately as it was close to the top of the cliff I […]

Unleash Your Creativity

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