Whether you're looking for something from the studio or a custom piece, I'd love to chat!

Sarah Bing is always up for a challenge. Her work has found homes with collectors all over New Zealand, and she works with Landscape, Garden and Interior designers to create three dimensional artwork for their needs.

I work with a range of forms, both figurative and abstract, and generally in a full bodied sandy sculpture clay. Artworks can be on a large scale (which presents it’s own unique challenges) or small.

I always have multiple sculptures on the go, so feel free to make an appointment to visit the studio and see how I can help you out for your new project.

Whether you’re looking to add a strong statement with garden art, or need something special for your home, my ceramic pieces can be housed indoors or outdoors in most climates.


approx 1m or less

approx 20cm or less

I am still developing my technique, but essentially it centres around pragmatic considerations; can I get this in the kiln? Will the clay body support the weight of additions during the making process? How will the finished piece withstand the elements?

I remain staunchly, a maker, and am driven forward by the questions, and the discovery of their answers. I believe this, and the desire to always push past what I previously knew was possible will sustain my process for many years to come.