A not-so-quiet personal obsession of mine – Tiny Houses are rad!
And yup I design them. Full renders, floor plans and interior design fit-out specs can be yours!

The Obsidian Spyglass

This one was my first tiny house design – made for a creative type – the black ‘box’ running along […]

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The BIG Tiny

I had so much fun designing this tiny house with the wonderful client. At 3m wide x 7.6m long, she’s […]

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Helen Armstrong

I worked with a few designers to try and come up with a design that was ‘me’ when I first decided to build a tiny house. When Sarah said she would be able to help me, I was quite certain about what I wanted and had an exact image in my mind. Rather than spitting out a replica of my imagined house, Sarah went so in depth into finding out more about me, my lifestyle and what makes me tick. In doing this, Sarah worked with me to come up with a tiny house design that I absolutely fell in love with! The minute I laid eyes on the renders Sarah sent through, I thought “thats my house!” Sarah remains my go-to for any further design work, styling tips and creative inspiration. Her talent is second to none!