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All Bing reusable cups...and everything else for that matter are fired with renewable electricity!

A wee rant...

I’ve been using keep cups (The real deal) for years – and I love them! Except for when we leave them in the car for yonks and the rank milk and coffee gets into the plastic forever – anyway, I’m a potter so I had to start making my own…

Turns out if you’re using single use paper coffee cups, the break even point for switching to a reusable ceramic cup is only about 25 uses! By that time you should have saved $12.50 on your daily brew (your coffee shop should definitely be giving you a 50c discount for using your own cup!) and you’re only just over a month into it!

After you take into account materials, firing costs and labour – dont even be questioning that $35 or $40 is too much to pay for a cup which will pay for itself in 3 months, feel great in your hands, never accumulate the foul taste of your laziness in cleaning out your car, supports at least 3 local NZ businesses and negated its environmental impact waaay back when.

Keep up the good work!! Sarah xx

Where to buy...

Made in Raglan Gallery

Bow Street, next to Supervalue and the Raglan Club
Raglan, New Zealand

The Studio

14 Upper Wainui Road
Raglan, NZ

Please message or ring for appointment
022 6065220

Bohemian Gypsy

Bow Street
Raglan, NZ

Bohemian Gypsy stocks a random selection of my boobie and penis mugs, vases and bowls as well as keep cups!